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Author: 出口 悠(編集長)/Yu Deguchi(Chief Editor)

出口 悠(編集長)/Yu Deguchi(Chief Editor)

ちとせグループ Communication Designer
2011年京都大学大学院農学研究科修士課程修了。2013年ちとせ研究所へ入社し事業開発を経て2015年からちとせグループ全体を統括するChitose Bio Evolutionへ。コーポレートブランディング、広報、WEB制作/ディレクションなどに従事。自社メディア「Modia[藻ディア]」と「CHITOSE JOURNAL」を立ち上げ、編集長を務める傍ら執筆も行なう。バイオサイエンスのバックグラウンドを持つが、手を動かして研究するよりも、研究者のマニアックな話を聞く方が好き。共感力が強めで、ニュースや数秒の映画予告でも泣けるのがチャームポイント。
Communication Designer, Chitose Group
Yu graduated from The Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University in 2011. She joined the Business Development Division of Chitose Laboratory Corporation in 2013. Since 2015, she works under the head office, Chitose Bio Evolution, and has been engaged in Corporate Branding, Public Relations, Website Creation/Direction etc for all the companies in Chitose Group. She launched Chitose’s owned media "Modia" and "CHITOSE JOURNAL" and serves as both editor-in-chief and writer. Despite having a background of bioscience, she prefers to listen to researchers' enthusiastic stories rather than doing experiments by herself. Her most attractive feature is her empathetic personality. It is not uncommon for her to shed tears while watching the news or even a few seconds of a movie preview.