“CHITOSE JOURNAL” is an owned media managed by the Chitose Group.

Chitose Group’s statement is “Cultivate the Earth with Biotechnology”.

Most of the time, people outside the company would probably be unfamiliar with company statements, right?
Is Chitose a biotech company?
Does “cultivate” mean “microorganisms culture in a flask”? Or maybe the “plowing of the soil in an agriculture field”?

If you have such thoughts, well, you are right!

“Cultivate”, which we usually use for microorganism cultures and plowing of the soil, can also have the mean of “create” and “develop” in terms of art, science, industry, etc., and “nurture” and “deepen” friendship with others.

In other words, we infuse our group statement, “Cultivate the Earth with Biotechnology”, with the meaning “to richly grow the social structure and global environment through technology development for breeding and culturing organisms, and to deepen the relationships between living things and civilization”.

We are doing a wide variety of projects, research and development that we can not explain in a single word, to the question “By the way, what is Chitose actually doing?”.
Also, I would like you to know more about the many talented members of Chitose Group too!

More than 100 members from six different countries work to fulfill their dreams in Chitose Group. Chitose Group is currently active in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei, and is going to further expand their spectrum of activities to Indonesia and China.

In CHITOSE JOURNAL, we would wholeheartedly like to tell you each piece of story one by one about the projects we are working on with our soul, the thoughts of the members, and the ideas that Chitose cherishes.

Chief Editor: Yu Deguchi
CHITOSE JOURNAL English version site manager: Nickaila Hau