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Author: 片岡 陽介 / Yosuke Kataoka

片岡 陽介 / Yosuke Kataoka

Chitose Agri Laboratory Sdn. Bhd. BioEngineer

Yousuke got a master's degree in Biosphere science in Shinshu University. He came to think there were many chances to make a business and to develop the agricultural sector in developing countries through his volunteer work and journey across the African continent. He thought he can make the world better with agri-businesses. He later joined the Southeast Asia agricultural team in Chitose Group in 2015. He had been engaging effluent water polishing project in palm oil mill in Borneo Island and is now working on producing high value added fruits and vegetables at highland in tropical region, Cameron Highlands. He involves local passionated farmers to produce safe and tasty produces.As his motto is "to intake local cultured food as anjoy local culture", and he is happy to spent his time to make fermented foods like Natto, Nukazuke and Sauerkraut from local microbes on natural leaves or so.